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Wayne Levesque
Mostly, I’m a writer. My everyday goal is to find something pretty to write about. But when you’re a recovering alcoholic/addict – everything is pretty. Songs that sound sad to you might make me quite happy.

I like the process because it’s never the same – the idea shows up & it’s time to go. Everyone should write songs.

As One
The Band
Barry Mathers, Gary Smyth, Jim Ryan, Rachel Matkin & Chris Stevens

It’s the players that make my album – Pros that I give my sketches to & let them run with it.

How cool it is to completely trust that the mix is gonna be awesome? It’s a really exciting way to work. They’re the best & I owe them the world for their talent & dedication!

The Journey
Writing, Recording & Carrying on
I am also blessed to have survived a serious industrial accident back in 2000. It was long ago, so I prefer not to dwell on it, but I did lose my right arm at the wrist. Surgery renewed my musical journey & I’m most proud of my playing. I have a distinct percussive style that can only be my own; considering the limitations. So from here it’s easy – I released my first album and have another on the way.

I have beautiful people in my life and I thrive on their encouragement. Someone important in the industry gave me some advice I needed to hear..not every body will like my music but the ones that do will love it. I’m okay with that.

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